So I'm thinking of selling my house, and after years of living in the home with kids, pets, and all the mess that comes along with them, the ol' homestead could sure use a facelift.  Now, I will admit that on a good day, I'm SLIGHTLY artistic, and I can follow a really basic YouTube video for minor repairs.  I am not, however; what anyone would ever comfortably call "handy."  So I've been on the hunt for some super simple DIY projects I can do on a budget to increase my home's value before I put it on the market.  Here are some of the best ideas I found so far!

For my kitchen:  PAINT!  What could be easier than paint??  I've seen a TON of great before and after photos online that prove that a simple coat of paint on worn cabinets or scuffed walls can make a massive difference to the look of a kitchen.  There are even super awesome spray paints that make the job easier, and have a more professional looking, semi-gloss finish.  Simply remove the cabinet doors and and hardware that's attached, lay the doors outside on a tarp or a few spread out trash bags, and apply an even coat of spray from side to side.  Having done this just recently on my daughters bedroom furniture, I'll add the caveat for those of you living in super hot or super humid areas, as I do:  DO NOT put the doors in direct sunlight!  The paint has a tendency to bubble in extreme heat or humidity, and it's a huge pain to scrape it off and start again!  While the hardware is off, consider a cheap upgrade to a newer style, or simply lay those out and spray paint them with one of the fancy metallic finish options at your local hardware store.  

For my bathroom:  built ins?  I admit, I'm a little daunted by this one, because measuring and cutting straight lines aren't really a strong point for me.  But the end result may be worth the minor frustration.  I'm thinking of adding just 2 or 3 "floating" shelves above the toilet to add a little extra storage space and give the bathroom a professional, custom finished look.  Also, instead of completely updating the toilet and sink, consider purchasing a new toilet sink and faucet set.  These can be a little pricey if you're looking for high end models, but even a basic upgrade can catch a buyer's eye and make the home stand out from the rest.

For the outside: PAINT AGAIN!  Also, flowers and plants and other pretty things that will increase my home's curb appeal.  I live in an area where the HOA is pretty strict about the colors we're allowed to paint the exterior of my home, but a nice pressure washing of the stucco and a little freshening up of the trim areas is definitely in order.  Additionally, I plan on re-doing the flower beds and getting out there and doing some major weed pulling after the ridiculous rain we've had here in Bay County the past 2 weeks.  

For the rest of the home, I'm simply going to touch up the paint in any spots that don't look their best, and give the entire place a good deep cleaning.  Most of my home is already painted in nice neutral colors, so I'm not terribly concerned about anyone being turned off by the wall finish; but if you happen to be a fan of super bright color, consider repainting to a neutral before putting your home on the market.  It makes it a little easier for the buyer to picture their stuff in the space without worrying that their red sofa will clash with your green accent wall. 

Does anyone else have any tips for me to help my home look it's best before I place it up for sale?