Much like Olympic athletes going after that gold medal, a whole team is required to obtain the highest standard of excellence in the real estate industry.  Olympians have their coaches, and we have our support teams to continue to motivate us and push us to get to that next level of performance.  While it may only be one person standing on the podium with a medal around their neck, trying to achieve greatness alone is an arduous process at best, which is why it's important to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who will work together to bring everyone to the top.  

There are plenty of days when I feel like staying in bed in my PJs and binge watching that awesome new Netflix show, or popping open a cold one and enjoying the beach right outside my door.  But instead, I get up, put my business pants on (albeit with flip flops instead of fancy shoes), and get to work, because I know that it's not only about myself, but about my buyers agents, listing agents, admins, and other support staff;  not to mention the responsibility I have to ensure that my customers have gold-medal worthy service!  Like an Olympic athlete, I must follow a strictly regimented schedule to be sure that nothing falls by the wayside, and that everyone who works so hard to get that deal to closing is repaid for their efforts. I've implemented weekly team meetings so that we all have a set time to come together and discuss our goals and accomplishments, and encourage one another to continue striving for excellence. 

I, and the rest of my team, must bring to bear all of our focus and determination to make sure that we are the absolute best we can be, each and every day.  Sometimes, that translates into being in the "Top 5" of our area that week.  Other times, it means seeing the smiling faces of a first time buyer as we put the keys to their new home into their hands.  I can't tell you which is more gratifying for you, but I can say with absolute certainty that for me, seeing my team succeed in providing excellent customer service makes us ALL gold medal winners!!