As we all know, our area is known for its beautiful weather, pristine beaches, and family fun.  But did you know there is a treasure trove of wonderful experiences waiting for you just a short drive down Scenic Highway 30A?

To start our journey, we'll make our first stop at Inlet Beach, home to Camp Helen State Park.  The park is home to the largest coastal dune lake in Florida, Lake Powell.  Take a walk down to the Old Pier, and make sure you have your camera ready, because the photo opportunities here are second to none!

From here it's just a short hop to Rosemary Beach, and you'd better have your walking shoes ready.  Take a stroll down the wooden walkways and check out the beautiful architecture Rosemary Beach is known for, boasting influences from the West Indies to New Orleans.  Feel free to stop and rest on the Long Green, the grassy stretch along 30A that's home to many art and music festivals, charity events, and in the summer, the "West Indies Market."  Before you go, make sure to stop into one of the small family owned bookstores or cafes to find a new treasure or enjoy a tasty treat!

A trip down 30A wouldn't be complete without a stop in Seaside, the world famous community featured in Southern Living magazine and the Jim Carrey movie "The Truman Show."  Life moves at a different pace here in Seaside, with walking or biking being the preferred method of transportation; and the arts are the central focus of the community.  Visit the town grocer, the book or record store, any one of the many art galleries, cafes, toy shops, or clothes stores; or simply grab a blanket and enjoy a movie under the stars.

With so many wonderful sights to see and places to visit just a short drive down the road, our area is truly a one of a kind place to call home!