Between finding new leads, completing listing appointments, working with sellers, showing homes to buyers, completing contracts, scheduling closings, and everything else in between, how does an agent find the time to get everything done and still provide exceptional service to ensure good referrals?  The answer might lie in working with a real estate team!  


While many agents prefer to fly solo, many others are finding that the key to great customer service and high sales numbers is joining a team.  This is especially true for newer agents who haven't had the time to build up referral sources, and are still trying to learn all the ins and outs of our fast paced industry.   Working with an established team allows an agent to draw on the experience of their partners, which can be invaluable when dealing with a difficult transaction.  It's also a great way to expand your reach as an agent, as more people working together can generate more leads and listings, and share the wealth among the group.  


When working with a team, it can be a little easier to find your specific niche, and can allow you theopportunity to focus on doing what you really love.  There are usually dedicated listing agents, buyers agents, and administrative staff on each team, so it's much easier to delegate certain tasks to people who excel at them while still retaining a customer.  If, for instance, you get a call from a buyer who is interested in purchasing a home that's close to all the best fishing spots, but you don't personally know a thing about fishing, you can let them know that your teammate Joe, who's won multiple fishing tournaments, will give them a call right away to help them out.  You're providing excellent service to the customer by allowing them to work with someone who understands exactly what they're looking for, while keeping the client under your team's umbrella for future referrals.  


There's also a huge benefit in having a consistent marketing and follow up system, an area in which teams usually excel.  This is especially true when dealing with an established team!  Each agent brings unique ideas and perspective to the group, so marketing strategies evolve and develop over time, with each agent providing insight on what has worked best for them in the past.  The admins for the team will devote much of their time towards doing the marketing for the group, which just frees you up to be able to get out there and find more listings or sell more houses!  It is extremely helpful to have a person who consistently puts your listings on as many platforms as possible, and takes care of all the follow-up for you.  For example, a hand-written thank you card can go a long way, and it's much easier to ensure that each and every customer you come in contact with will recieve that personal touch when you have a team member at the office taking care of it while you're out there showing properties.  


There's strength in numbers, and customers feel good knowing that there's an entire team working withthem to sell their home or find their perfect property.  Life happens to all of us, and there are going to be days when you don't feel your best, or you have a school function for the kids, or you just want to take a break.  Having a team to work with can allow you to have the freedom and flexibility to take care of all of those things, while still making the customer feel cared for.  If you and your team schedule your time properly, there should never be a time of day when a customer can't get in touch with someone who works closely with you and has access to the information they need.  


While you are ultimately the one responsible for your own business in the real estate field, working with a team can be a useful way to expand your sphere of influence, while providing lasting relationships with other agents you'll be able to benefit from for years to come!