You know how sometimes you can just walk into a room, or look at a certain picture, and immediately feel your tension melting away?  Take a closer look at those spaces or photos that make you feel the best, and see if there's a predominant color scheme...I'm willing to bet it's likely the color blue!

Studies have shown that the color blue has the effect of relaxing and calming frazzled nerves, and that those who have a wide view of the beautiful sea or sky have been scientifically proven to suffer from less psychological distress, with lower blood pressure and heart rates overall.  It is considered an "intellectual" color, and has been shown to reduce tension and even make it more difficult to get upset in the first place. Furthermore, sitting in a blue-painted room trick your brain into thinking you're in a cooler environment!

So how do we capitalize on this interesting scientific fact?  Well, for those of us lucky enough to live near the beach it's just a matter of hopping in the car and taking a little mental health break with a beach chair and a cold drink.  If you're not within reach of some beautiful salt water, make sure you take a little time to walk around outdoors and set your sights on the great blue sky. Plan a weekend vacation to a nearby lake or spring and devote some quality time to peaceful water-gazing. Or simply lay a comfy blanket on the back lawn and take an hour to watch the clouds float by!

You can also bring the outdoors in, and paint your interior walls a calming light blue shade. You'll brighten up your space, make it seem bigger, and make your brain feel like the room is cooler, so this is an ideal color to paint that home office!  And when you're going out to meet those clients that you know are super stressed, you can deck yourself out in a soothing light blue palatte and bring the calm with you wherever you go.

What are you going to do to surround yourself with some blue today?