Smart home automation in kitchen with tablet and app royalty-free stock photo

Back when most of us were kids, it was hard to imagine many of the things we take for granted today.  Phones without cords, flat screen TVs, and computers we can fit into the palm of our hands all seemed like something you'd see in a crazy science fiction movie!  With technology changing around us every day, and the growing need for more energy efficient ways to live our lives, let's take a look at some of the things that might become commonplace in the homes of the future!

We've all seen out utility bills climb incrementally each year, but we have some really great things to look forward to in the future on the energy conservation front!  Waterless toilets are currently being perfected by many major companies, taking those low flow toilet systems to the next level. Grey water recycling is also being explored, where your home will recycle water from the showers, sinks, and other appliances into usable water for the toilet or sprinkler system.  There are even companies researching ways to equip your home with high tech water recycling systems that can produce drinking-quality water!  For example, an orbital shower can recycle up to 90% of the water we use to bathe every day, potentially saving $1000s!  

Many people are already jumping on the rooftop garden trend, and in the future we may see this become the norm.  Adding this feature to your home serves many purposes beyond providing a source of delicious fresh food for the family.  Energy costs are also reduced due to the additional layer of insulation. and the runoff water could tie in to your water recycling system to reduce waste!

Currently, more and more homes are being built with wireless control capabilities, and we will only see this expand in years to come.  There is software in the development process that would allow your home to anticipate your routine based on the information you provide just by going about your day to day business.  If you usually wake up at 8am and start a fresh pot of coffee before hopping into the shower, your futuristic dwelling could already have that pot started and the shower running at the perfect temperature for you just minutes after your alarm goes off!  No longer will we have to worry if we've started the dishwasher or turned off the stove, because the house will detect when it's time to start the wash, and when everything is done cooking and the oven is no longer needed.  Additionally, we will be able to access our homes from our mobile devices, allowing us to start a load of laundry, set our AC, or preheat the oven for dinner. GE is even working on a laundry machine that will wash, dry, and fold your clothes without you having to do more than load it up!    

While it's doubtful that we'll be getting those flying cars we wished for when we were kids, we will see a huge change in the vehicles we drive.  It's predicted that electric cars will become standard, so our homes will have to be equipped with charging stations.  This energy drain could be made up for by installing USB outlets to take the place of our old fashioned plugs, dramatically reducing energy cost and usage.  

And for those truly adventurous souls, there are a few technology innovators out there who are working on ways to build homes both on top of, and underneath the water!  These outrageous houses could solve our housing crises, and you could wake up in the morning to see a happy little pod of dolphins swimming past your bedroom window!

It's definitely fascinating to think of all the ways our lives, and our planet, could be improved by the shifting technologies in the works.  One thing is for sure, future generations will be living in homes that look very different both inside and out than the ones we all live in today!


Joel Jadofsky